book cover concept

Working on a book cover for ‘Midnight Kiss – Simplifying Christian Dating’. Below are the two options I submitted. I’m quite pleased with the typography especially. Please share your thoughts.


1 Response to “book cover concept”

  1. 1 brianyohn December 29, 2009 at 10:24 am

    I believe the guy and girl photo option is much more dynamic than the other. It’s a nice added touch that completes the cover. I’m also liking the color pallet and type treatment. I do have an issue of how the title reads though. Right now, to me, it reads as Casey W. Moore, Simplifying Christian Dating, Midnight Kiss. Although the current balance of the different pieces is nice, I think it might need some shifting to read as Midnight Kiss: Simplifying Christian Dating, by Casey W. Moore. Dunno, just a thought. Nice work.

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