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self portrait

I did this a few months ago and am now just getting it up. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, but definitely makes me want to do more hands-on art again.

“self portrait”
pencil and watercolor
12 x 18


Benji’s First Birthday T-shirt design

Our son Benji turned one year old this past Thursday so we are having a birthday party for him this weekend. I did a design for his Yo Gabba Gabba themed party that I will be printing on kelly green t-shirts for all who attend. I’ll post photos of the printed shirts when they are finished.

*Edit: the shirts came out great. See below.


yo benji benji shirts

creative exercise: chicken, revisited

As I mentioned previously, it was only a matter of time until I reworked the chicken piece I did the other night. Instead of using solid colors for the fills, I used photos of food to create similar colors. I used cauliflower for the white, black beans for the black, diced tomatoes for the red, corn for the yellow, and coffee beans for the brown. I also changed the type from “Buk buk buk” to “Yum yum yum,” which I think is A. funnier, and B. more fitting for the theme. Hope you enjoy:


“yum yum yum”
8 x 8

creative exercise: chicken

I haven’t done much creative work lately and have been feeling bad about it. I’ve been getting tons of ideas from the art/design/screenprinting/etc. blogs I subscribe to. I was reading a Juxtapoz interview of an artist named Carlos Dias, got an itch to do something, so I scratched. I’m pretty sure this will get revised down the road. I just wanted to get something down. Enjoy.

buk buk buk

“buk buk buk”
8 x 8

creative exercise: owl

I saw some posters and such on OMG Posters of owls and birds and I got insprired. I was thinking this would lend itself nicely to a series of birds or animals in general and possibly a future screen printing project once the press is back up and running. Enjoy.


5.5 x 8.5

Christmas present for the wife

I had been thinking about a design for a few weeks previous to completing this project.  I wanted it to include a tree to represent our newly-formed family and a photo or illustration of my wife, Holly and our 4 month-old son, Ben. I was also looking to make Holly so happy, she’d cry. It worked. Here is what I came up with (click to enlarge).

Benjamin Daniel Gatton-Yohn

“Benjamin Daniel Gatton-Yohn”
photograph + photoshop
10 x 14

Bike Barn logo

Here are some logo options I did for a freelance client of mine. I offered plenty of different options, but he wanted to go towards his original idea (not shown).

logo option 2 logo option 4
logo option 8 logo option 9

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