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book cover concept

Working on a book cover for ‘Midnight Kiss – Simplifying Christian Dating’. Below are the two options I submitted. I’m quite pleased with the typography especially. Please share your thoughts.


metz’d up fish girl

Sometimes I see photos in a magazine and I can’t help envisioning how they should be. No photoshop here. Paper, knife, and 5 spare minutes.

New Lens

I sold my Tokina 12-24 f4 and purchased the new Tokina 11-16 f2.8 this past month. I loved the 12-24, but it was just too slow with a max aperture of f4. The new 11-16 is both wider and faster, and is just a solidly built as the 12-24. I shot this photo on my way home from work last week, it’s a public boat slip on the wicomico river.

Easter Proofs

I was able to shoot my sisters family on Easter Sunday, which turned out to be quite the challenge due to kids being hopped on candy and less than ideal scenery.   I tried to keep the angles low and utilize the falling sun to my advantage.  Overall, I’m fairly pleased with the results.

Peach Fuzz identity

Working on a logo for Peach Fuzz [handmade cloth diapers]. Still in the development stages — comments/thoughts are quite welcome.peachfuzz_logo_mark1

design is my drive

When I came up with this topic title, the first type of drive I thought of was the driving force behind what I do on a daily basis. This is my drive:

design is my drive

“design is my drive”
mixed media
11″ x 14″

hoping for the holidays

I’m hoping the holidays yeild time to do some personal work. At least enough time to post a few new things on this blog in hopes of generating enough interest so I don’t feel like I’m typing to myself.

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