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revised cover for ‘Midnight Kiss’

Just finished revising the ‘Midnight Kiss’ cover. Cleaned up the type a bit—and in some cases, made it readable (had one of those ‘what was I thinking’ moments). Placed the final photography and voila.

metz’d up fish girl

Sometimes I see photos in a magazine and I can’t help envisioning how they should be. No photoshop here. Paper, knife, and 5 spare minutes.

my book.

Compiled and updated my portfolio of graphic design work. Greg Keysar shot the photos of my work. I shot the bad photos of the finished book. Hand-made, stitched binding—cover wrapped in linen. Turned out pretty nice. I would probably use a lesser weight stock for the pages next go-around.

Peach Fuzz identity

Working on a logo for Peach Fuzz [handmade cloth diapers]. Still in the development stages — comments/thoughts are quite welcome.peachfuzz_logo_mark1

Metz’d Up Volume No. 1

Two straight weeks of production work gave me an itch to do something a bit more fun and interesting. I grabbed an Anthropologie catalogue I saw lying around, a few black pens and markers, and began bastardizing what was originally beautiful photography and clean design. For me, humor is an equally effective outlet for pent up creativity — so, inevitably the resulting work wreaks of my twisted sense of humor.

I had such a blast that I quickly gathered all the other catalogues laying around to produce future volumes. I don’t know how to categorize this — maybe simply sketches and funny thoughts is a solid description. Possibly more polished versions could be considered art or design — for now, I’ll call it fun. Try it for yourself — laughter is guaranteed.

Here are a few selects from METZ’D up Volume No.1.



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