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self portrait

I did this a few months ago and am now just getting it up. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, but definitely makes me want to do more hands-on art again.

“self portrait”
pencil and watercolor
12 x 18


design is my drive

When I came up with this topic title, the first type of drive I thought of was the driving force behind what I do on a daily basis. This is my drive:

design is my drive

“design is my drive”
mixed media
11″ x 14″

dark day, cold night

Both of these pieces came about after I found a young bird dead in our house. Our cat, Smokey, was kind enough to, not only give us this fine present, but also drag it all over the downstairs of our house, tearing a fair amount of his feathers out. It was pretty sad to see such a young bird lying lifeless on the floor.

“Dark Day”
photograph + photoshop
14″ x 10″

“Cold Night”
photograph + photoshop + text (written by me)
14″ x 10″

Text reads: The last of his warm breath withered away into the crisp night. He took his first and last flight into the shadow-filled woods, to be consumed by the land that raised him.

slaves to gas

project 1 {a gas can} entry by Brian Yohn

“slaves to gas”
mixed media
6″ x 12″

There is no way a red-blooded, beer-drinkin’, beef-eatin’ American isn’t going to go 4-wheelin’ just because gas prices have risen to an all-time high. Here’s to freedom.

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